What price would you pay for a new owner?

By Chris Quinn on Aug 9, 13 08:08 PM in Birmingham City FC

Today's main story in the world of football is not one that affects Birmingham City, but it is one that could be of interest to fans.

This morning, it was announced that Hull's Egyptian owner Assem Allam was to rebrand the club as "Hull City Tigers".

In a way that only the social network can, Twitter erupted with disgust. Accusations of 'Americanising' and lacking consideration for fans were tossed around in fake disdain as neutrals fell over themselves to be more shocked than one another.

Many of the neutrals are also outraged and I agreed with them until I read this piece on The Independent website by one of Hull's most famous faces - Sir Tom Courtenay.

In the piece, the Dr. Zhivago actor gives Allam free reign to do whatever he wanted to the club as when he bought the club, he also saved the club.

The club was on the verge of bankruptcy when Allam stepped in. Born in Egypt, he came to Humberside to study Economics and after staying put following his studies, made his estimated £650m fortune. An adopted son of the city, he stepped in and bought the club for £1 with the promise of £30m investment.

But the Tigers are not an exception. Last season saw perennial play-off bottlers Cardiff City finally promoted to the Premier League - but only after the Thai owners changed the kit colour from their iconic blue to red, a colour lucky in Asian territories.

Also announced today was the renaming of Crystal Palace's Selhurst Park ground, which for commercial reasons will now be known as the 12bet Stadium.

So my question is, would Blues fans accept a key change in the club if it meant the end of the Carson Yeung reign?

Hypothetically speaking, would we be happy for the club to lose its identity and history if it meant we were financially secure and, in the cases of the aforementioned triumvirate, promoted to the Premier League?

After a quick scan of a notorious message board it appears that some fans are outraged, some are poking fun at Hull and some are beginning to feel disconnected from the game.
There is such a clamour amongst our fans for change that at some point we have to consider what we are willing to sacrifice in order to 'get our club back'.

Personally, I'm not the top flight's biggest fan. I enjoy some of the trips we can make now that we are in the Championship.

But by the same token I don't want us to fall any further down the divisions, which could be a viable outcome if we continue to strip our best assets, nor do I want there to be a constant threat of administration hanging over our head - just look at our near neighbours Coventry City.

Any decision as radical as this will cause casualties - some Cardiff fans vowed never to return to the new Cardiff City Stadium - but 26,418 fans turned up for the Bluebirds' final home game of a Championship winning campaign.

We can all hope that a new owner takes charge and tries not to meddle with the identity of the club, but if that is not forthcoming what price would Blues fans pay?

It's worth keeping an eye on developments in Wales and East Yorkshire this season to see whether these revolutionary changes are beneficial in the long-term or whether they hang like the sword of Damocles over the owner's heads.

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