Albion Manager Search Continues

By Richard Jefferson on Jun 6, 12 09:01 AM in

We like a bit of drama down the Baggies don't we? Summer wouldn't be the same without some stress attached to it. Seven weeks in and we are all pacing around like expectant fathers, hitting F5 every minute on Newsnow and trawling every media outlet available in an attempt to find out the latest information not to come out of the club. The Albion public are suffering meltdown.

However, I imagine the calmest person in all this is Jeremy Peace. Whilst we all stomp our feet demanding an appointment, he is no doubt feeling quite relaxed and in control. Whilst we pace and prowl, I can imagine him stoking his cat Blofeld style as he knows his plan is coming together.

There has been plenty of criticism regarding the lack of news coming out of the club. I really don't understand this flak though. Surely, when looking to appoint, the only time there is news to be given is when there is an appointment.

Continually saying there is nothing to report will have got criticism. Continually feeding names of who has been interviewed would be totally unprofessional. Putting a time limit on the process would have been restrictive.

So I think the club are right to stay quiet. Look at the stick we fans have given other clubs for very public appointment processes. Wolves made a complete mess of it after Mcarthy was sacked and boy we laughed.

Its frustrating though. The modern world of social media saturation means that we totally immerse ourselves in speculation.

For what it is worth. This is my view on what I think has happened, pieced together with reliable and unreliable information and stuck together with a bit of logic glue.

We undertook a long process of due diligence, We looked at those readily available and those attached. We informally spoke to many on the list and whittled the numbers down to ones that we wanted to interview. The ones we interviewed formally were the unattached. Informal chats with Hughton and Appleton allowed us to put these on the back burner for later if required.

Why go down the route of having a fight with a club leading to compensation when there were just as good managers out of work and looking.

Of those interviewed, Ralf Rangnick impressed the most to become our number one choice. Last week, he was offered the job. His agent said yesterday that he had been given a week to decide.

A week does seem a long time but there has been talk of his family having concerns about the move to another country. I would imagine that the Belgium job situation has also added to his thought process. He wanted time, I am sure he appreciates the fact we have given him it. Who knows, it might be the clincher.

Meanwhile, so as to ensure we have a contingency, we have continued to test water elsewhere. Since we started all this, Swansea and Norwich have started fishing the same waters. We would see options possibly depleting by the time Rangnick had decided his future.

Hence the calls to Blues about Hughton and the links to Steve Clarke. If Rangnick says no, we can't be seen to be starting from scratch. Can you imagine the furore?

I think we are now close, very close. The pacing will be able to stop and we can replace our worn out F5 keys ready for the summer transfer meltdown.


Baggieno1 said:

I must have pressed F5 about 1,000 times in the past 48 hours.

I have sensed a lot of concern about the second choice for the role, but I think the board are due a lot of credit for identifying someone of Rangnick's calibre.

When we first started the search Chris Hughton was identified as the favourite among Albion fans on a poll on the Birmingham Mail website. I suspect people would be disappointed with him now, and that is to the credit of the board.

I could change my mind if we end up with Appleton, but at the moment I agree with you Richard, the board have earned our trust.

Addriene said:

Great common sense here. Wish I'd tohguht of that.

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